LaoPad, a small word processor

LaoPad 1.0 (French version only) Download (130 ko)

LaoPad is a small word processor for typing text in Lao. You can use it instead of LaoWord if Word is not available in your computer (in the other case, prefer LaoWord which is much richer in functionalities).

LaoPad is deriving from Microsoft's Wordpad and offers the following Lao functions:
 - Lao keyboards, working independantly of the font used,
 - An efficient and convenient font change facility,
 - Text selections "à la Lao", syllable by syllable.

As it is based on Windows 95's Wordpad, LaoPad allows the edition of "Rich Text Format" and Microsoft Word 6.0 formatted files.

LaoPad is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows NT.

For a good installation and an optimal use of the software, read-me!.

Nota: This software is distributed as is and is no longer maintained.