LaoWord, Unicode-compatible Add-ins for Microsoft® Word

LaoWord Standard 4.1 (French version) .exe (1 229 ko)
.zip (1 107 ko)
LaoWord Standard 4.1 (English version) .exe (1 068 ko)
.zip (950 ko)
LaoWord Pro 4.1 (French version) : 95 € Purchase conditions  
LaoWord Pro 4.1 (English version) : 95 € Purchase conditions  

LaoWord is a Unicode-compatible Lao enhancement to Microsoft® Word.

Thanks to its toolbar (see above), LaoWord gives access to the following Lao functions, directly in Microsoft® Word:

Pro and Standard versions:

- Use of any of the most common Lao keyboards, independantly of the font used,
- Efficient and convenient font change facility,
- Text selections "à la Lao", syllable by syllable,
- A small Lao-English lexicon,

Pro version only:

- Phonological transcriptions,
- Lao text sorting by lexicographic order,
- Miscellaneous formatting functions for Lao text including :
            - Lao page formatting,
            - Height adjustment for the accents 1 et 2,
            - Height adjustment for "sala ou",
            - Tying up of above vowels and accents couples.

LaoWord is compatible with Word for Windows 95, Word 97, Word 2000, Word XP and Word 2003.

For a good installation and an optimal use of the software, please read the general instructions and the user's manual.

Nota: Click here to download LaoWord6 3.01 (LaoWord for Word 6 that also works under Windows 3.1). This software is distributed as is and is no longer maintained.